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Final Assault Top 20 Games of PAX SOUTH

The team at Pixelkin put Final Assault in their Top 20 of PAX .

" I had yet to play a VR game I truly enjoyed until Final Assault. Slotting a traditional management-heavy real time strategy game would have spelled disaster, but Phaser Lock Interactive smartly took cues from the MOBA genre to create a much more streamlined and fun experience. Final Assault plays more like a real time miniatures wargame as you and your opponent survey the tabletop-size battlefield, dropping troops, unlocking advanced forces, and watching the destruction unfold all around you. " READ MORE


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1 commentaire

04 nov. 2019

This game is awesome, it would be cool if the game would allow players to pick the load out based on a max amount of budget. Meaning, you come out with a specific amount of money then you get to pick first tier loadout, do you want jeep or motorcycle, cheap tank or troops, artillery or plane? Second tier samething, third tier you get more specific, with ATG or paratroopers and same for the last tier. You can also pick troops coming out of your base automatically for a small money or not. I mean, the game is still awesome and I will keep playing it. It would also be cool if the defense towers were part of th…

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